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Chemical Formula Tutor
Learn chemical formulas by drag-and-drop.

ALLTRANS can be used for world wide professional coordinate transformations between international and national coordinate systems. Worldwide and national geodetic reference systems can be used with it

R Decode
This program by WorkHorse Games decodes the resistor color bands for you.

Letter perception
Letter perception

Science Teacher Helper
Easily add Scientific Graphs & Charts to word

Cats Eye (Grizy )
You may use the different types a pupil of an eye to achieve grandiose video-eff

Shultc table - notice changing
Shultc table - notice changing

Eyes game
Wide eyes develop speed reading

Typing game 4
Speed typing game

Acuherb TreatSoft German
Entire Solution for TCM Practice

Mad Clock of Life
Very Funny and Cool Clock with a lot of facts

Unit Mate
Convert measurement units and Currency rates

ABC Rotating Numbers and Dzen
Rotating Numbers and speed reading

Sex offenders Search Tools
Unlimited BACKGROUND CHECKS on Anyone!

MB Arabic Astrology
MB Arabic Astrology is an Arabic astrological personality software.

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