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Manage your contacts, addresses, appointments, notes, diary, and more with this PIM.

ReadyToPrint Organizer
Create calendars, address books, and expense forms.

Keep track of phone numbers, addresses, bookmarks, and more with this program.

Progress Planner Personal Goal-Setting Software
Manage your life and take care of your personal growth more effectively with this download.

AMF Daily Planner & PIM
Plan your tasks with this Internet-enabled personal information manager.

A PIM that combines a scheduler, task planner, notebook, and events calendar in one.

Find most Organizers and PIMs not very helpful? ZDNet called this one the best!

elegant PIM which combines tasks, address book, password manager and notebook

Use the power of WinOrganizer to help manage information effectively!

Acute Software's Electronic Diary
Manage your to-do lists, appointments, and tasks electronically.

Idyle Phone Book 97
Keep contacts at your fingertips.

Allow scheduling, communicating, and integrating tasks with time.

Art Plus EasyNoter
Manage your notes, diary, addresses, and more.

Address Express
Dial phone numbers from your book with or without the mouse.

Put scraps of virtual paper on your desktop with the simplicity of pen and paper

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